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Best Golden State Warriors Team Ever Assembled [07]

Ahah their facial expressions

This was the team thoooo!

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we just need to start winning!

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Golden State Warriors- Lockout Life Featuring Stephen Curry, Jeremy Lin, David Lee, Dorell Wright, Charles Jenkins, Jeremy Tyler, Ekpe Udoh, Lou Amundson and Klay Thompson

The warriors’ players couldn’t go to the team’s practice facility because their locked out but they agreed to meet up & workout together in Las Vegas for the next week! Their already working while other teams are not it shows their commitment. Monta Ellis will be working out too but no word if he will be playing. Team Chemistry! Warriors! End this lockout, we want basketball!

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Dr Anderson did final inspection of his work! Looks like I’m ready & cleared to get back on court

-Stephen Curry (Twitter)

"…Monta loves the Golden State Warriors."



Here’s an interview I found that addressed the trade rumors on Monta. I hope this can help calm the minds of my fellow GSW / Monta fans. 


This is a submission I made before I created this blog, so I’ll post it on here.

Couple more days of paradise with the wife then back to the QC. Thank God everyday for blessings that you have and take NOTHING for granted!

Stephen Curry (via: twitter) - Seems like Steph is enjoying his honeymoon. (via gswoffseason)


Stephen Curry -  Best Jumpshot

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